MUMBAI: Commonly used anti-pain and anti-fever drugs sold over the counter can very often cause asthma. Dr. Elliot Middleton, director of the allergy division at the University of Buffalo said here. Dr. Middleton was appraising members of the press sbout asthma used due to various allergies and how to cure the disease.

Adverse psycho-socio circumstances also make people prone to asthmatic attacks, he said. It is also true that asthma leads to depression which can worsen an attack, he added.

Sinus infection, smoke- especially cigarette smoke and alcohol can aggravate the problem. Dr. Middlenton said, children born to allergic parents were more prone to asthma.

It is very important to keep in constant touch with the doctor even if the patient has had no attack for some time. Dr. Middleton emphasised.

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