LONDON: Caffeine can be harmful for women hoping to having children according to study by U.S National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences published here by the Lancer medical magazine.

Proff, allen Wilcox, said women who consume more than the equivalent of one cup of coffee a day are half as likely to become a mother as those who do not drink coffee or drinks that contains caffeine. Heavy coffee drinkers- more than 70 cups a month- had only 26 percent of the fertility of non-coffee drinker. The professor however, highlighted, the fertility could easily be restored by cutting caffeine. He said other studies were needed to confirm the result of his test on 221 women in north , were not pregnant three months after stopping use of caffeine. Prof. Wilcox said it was possible that fertility could also be linked to other factors such as stress, exercise, or other eating habits.

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