No cure for SLE.. But cure in Homeopathy

This is occurring to modern medicine, but what does alternative medicine have to offer? In this article I would talk about Homeopathy in particular To understand this, let us understand the disease SLE (systerriize lupus erythmatoim) is a disease in which our immune system, which otherwise is responsible for protecting us from disease causing organism, targets our tissues by producing auto antibodies. The cause for this is not clear though there are certain risk factors like sunlight, smoking, Vitamin D deficiency, female hormones and certain infection, How does a patient with SLE present-
painful and swolen Joints, fever, chest pain, hair loss, mouth ulcer, Swollen Lns, feeling tired and a red rash mostly on face- there symptoms usually occur in form of acute attacks called flares. In between these flares patient might have only few symptoms.

Now, what does Allopathy Rx aim at while trying to treat the disease.
Suppressing the activity of immune system so that it does not invade a Perspn’s own tissue but while going to the immune system which becomes incapable of invading foreign organism too,resulting in several infections.
Giving NSAIDS-To tackle joint pain repeated use of painkiller result in further damage to kidney(as SLE affects multiple organ one of them being kidneys).
A similar response to Rx can be achieved with Homoeopathy negating the side effects mentioned above.

Below I have cited cases of SLE treated at KCC with homoeopathy.

  • The D.D. came to KCC 5 years back with SLE after 37 dialysis . Within 6 months of our treatment his dialysiis stopped without any flare ups.
  • Another patient W.S., 47yr old female had started Rx at KCC 4yr back, but she discontinued the Rx after sometime,only to restart on 8/8/17 folowed by a gap of 9 months of no Rx.Now, though she is taking tab omna cortil 20mg she continues our Rx as her hospital admission reduces when on our Rx.Also the period between flare is extended Rx at KCC which otherwise was difficult to achieve when on steroids.Now she is working abroad and managing her family as well.

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