Diabetes and it’s allopathic treatment is the main cause Kidney Failure. Then comes the hypertension and it’s treatment after this comes antimalarial treatment, which causes Kidney Failure, when added together this will form 70% of Kidney failure cases. 10% of patients are added by Lithotripsy. Analgesic add 10% of chunk to existing 80% that comes together 90%, remaining 10% of patients Kidney failure are due to cystic kidney and other diseases of kidney. To avoid one can get rid of diabetes, hypertension with the medicines, which are not renal toxic i.e not harmful to kidney. So it is safe if you take a treatment from Homoeopath, Unani or Ayurvedic doctors.

As it is a common factor to go for surgery free crushing of kidney stone that crushes the health of the person who had got rid of kidney stone with the said method and he comes to a stage of Kidney Failure. Cystic kidney is really a problem as patient comes to a homoeopath  when they come to end stage of renal failure. So here Homeopath is left with little choice, as patient has arrived after destroying his kidney, but chances are there, that patient could avoid dialysis, but if you have come across the treatment after dialysis, do not hesitate to come to Homeopathic kidney drops atleast your misery and the number of dialysis can be reduced.

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